domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

My first 2 weeks in Google Summer of Code (May 24 - June 4)

My Acceptance in Google Summer of Code

My proposal has been sent to Python Software Foundation, to work on Pip, and my abstract was:
"The goal is to make pip less error-prone, work well in python2.x and
python3.x, make the tests more internet-independent, run platform
independently, add needed features by developers, write more
documentation and make people love it and see that easy_install's age
has gone."

I was very happy because my proposal was accepted and now I can work in a well known opensource project, with different people around the world working with me - this is a great oportunity Google, PSF and Pip guys are giving me and I will enjoy the most!

So, I got my job started in May 24 and this post is about my first two weeks.

First Two Weeks: Cotinuous Integration Server

My first two weeks were about setting up a continuous integration server with builds for python2.4, python2.5 and python2.6, both in Ubuntu Server 9.10 and Windows 2008 Server. Ian Bicking gave me access to a server (in cloud) and I used Hudson CI Server to create the buids. Access it here:

I added some documentation while getting this work done and some other work, related to continuous integration, like some features requests in the Issue Tracker have been done too.

The Meetings

My mentors Carl Meyer, Ian Bicking and Jannis Leidel, decided with me, to have weekly meetings in IRC, on Thursday, 10:00 PM (UTC), in #pip channel at Freenode. I am very lucky, because my mentors are really cool guys, are always helping me and the meetings are informal and I feel free to speak.
We had a meeting through Skype (me, Carl and Ian) and I started it a bit nervous, because it had too long I do not talk only in english to people, but they understood my intentions and the meeting was quick and focused.

The second meeting was with all of them, but just through IRC and it took a bit longer, but we discussed more stuff and for what I realized, I was doing a good job.

The Lesson

I got a lesson from this all: learn by yourself, don't depend on your college/school, learn english as soon as possible and help the community.

I started programming when I was 14. It had a good time learning C and algorithms and getting help through IRC. When I was 16 I started working in a research group, in my school, and I was the youngest guy and I have learned too much there and I knew great people. I learned Python, Agile methods, top technologies and other things with them, and I was still in high school. Now I am in my first college year, 18 years old and I realize that I am lucky, because I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I had. And if I've not took english classes when I was younger, I could not have learned what I learnt about computing, software and all around these.

In PyConBrasil 2008 I asked an advice to Bruce Eckel, and his advice was basically: "Do something for the community". And I am doing it since that!

So, my advice to people are starting now: learn english, study by yourself and meet great people!

Thank you all guys, for helping me along my journey!

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